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your Cost of
Chronic Diseases

Save up to 37% of your team's healthcare cost through proven intervention programs.
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Current Events

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33% of Malaysians suffer from poor mental health
77.3 days are lost annually when employees do not feel well
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Employers overspend on health care by RM 1.46 mil each month
Companies lose RM 14.46 bil annually because of mental health issues

The Problem

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90% of employees do not eat a balanced diet
51% of employees have work-related stress
66% of employees are physically inactive
32% of employees have one or more chronic conditions
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53% of employees sleep less than 7 hours a night
42% of employees are either overweight or obese
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Did You Know?

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We work with health professionals worldwide to provide the best health content dealing with the world's common health problems.

Our Online Health Masterclass enables you to unlock valuable biohacking secrets for optimal health.
We deliver high-quality plant-based food created by chefs and curated by dietitians.
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We are partnering with world-class speakers to fulfill your need for an interactive, live health class.
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We help you identify your employees' health problems through on-site health screening in the workplace.
We collaborate with renowned doctors in their field to develop programs that have a high success rate with proven strategies.
We have dedicated and trained coaches to keep you motivated daily to achieve your goals.

Programs can be tailored for companies of any size

by Savor Of Life

Online Masterclasses

Food Delivery Service

Health Screening

Offline & Online Health Talks

Corporate Wellness Program

Personalised Health Coaching

Our Solution

Program Features

Modern Building

We used to have people on sick leave all the time and that made us worried. Subsequently, we learned how important corporate wellness is and started looking for someone who could help the company. Eventually found Savor Of Life and gave it a try.
After applying the program,we ended up saving 37% of our annual healthcare cost. The employees' mental wellbeing has also improved too.
We are very fortunate to have found about this health program.

Large Oil & Gas Corporation

with 3,000 employees

Transform your workforce today! 

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